Wednesday, June 20, 2012

YSL Pure Chromatic Eye Shadow Palettes

                                YSL Pure Chromatics shadow Palette No. 7, No. 8, No. 9

After working for the Valentino A/W12 show at Four Season hotel yesterday, my 2 make up artists and I decided to check out the YSL cosmetics counter at IFC mall.

YSL has always been one of my favorite make up brands as their quality is like their YSL handbags - tasteful & luxurious design, high quality & fine but at a more affordable price :)

So we have spent quite a long time (for sure longer than 60 minutes) and fortune at the counter :)

I bought 2 new Summer Pure Chromatics shadows - No 8, No 9 (HKD550 each)
and a lot more other YSL cosmetics, I shall review to you girls in the coming post.

The special feature of this shadow is that it contains high concentration of pigments and pearls which can be mixed, smudged and blended. Plus you can apply it either DRY or WET!

What does that mean?

DRY - you can use your fingertips (I prefer using the 4th finger) or a eyeshadow brush to apply for a soft and natural look. I guess this is nothing new and special to any of you as most shadow can be applied in this "DRY" way.

WET - wet your brush by dipping it to a small pot of water (it would be hard to wet your fingertips to do so in this case), then apply it onto the shadow.
Make sure the brush is not too wet. I suggest one dip of water is enough.
You will figure it out if you have dipped too much water onto your brush as the shadow will be very diluted. Apply onto your eyelid and you will feel a bit icy at first.
If you want to blend it with your fingertips after applying with the brush, go ahead!
This can help to create a very strong and even a metallic smokey eyes as the shadow is re-moisturized by the water that gives full intensity to its pigments while pearls shine with a metallic reflection.

Try it and you would love it as the shadow tends to stay ALL NIGHT LONG while PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG!


Oda O said...

Just bought # 8, and I love the colors, especially the coppertone.
The glitter used is very exclusive, it just looks like a million.

The glitter might drizzle a bit, which I cannot take, due to sensitive eyes, but I will try the wet application next time, also to get a stronger color effect!

My special solution tonight, after the dry application, was to use my spray-on, face refresher tonic over my eyes, so the moist sealed the shadow and glitter, and also slightly darkened the color!
It worked very well, and I don't have to worry about glitter in my thus otherwise, painfully itchy eyes again! ;)

Oda O said...
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